3rd Wednesdays

The Escondido Jaycees alternates Social Mixers and General Meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

General Meetings are held during the “odd” months. The purpose of these meetings is to come together to brainstorm and plan upcoming events as a group. Though you do not have to be a paid member to participate in these meetings, we hope that by attending these meetings you are planning on being an active member in the future.

Our next General Meeting is planned for Wednesday May 17 at 5:45pm at Royal Travel in Escondido.

Social Mixers are held during “even” months. They are open to anyone ages 18-40. These mixers allow us to come together in a more casual setting. We will make announcements about upcoming events but mainly mixers serve as a time to get to know each other and explore local restaurants!

Our next Mixer will be on June 21 at 6pm at Stone Brewery in Escondido! Bring your friends!

Please RSVP on the event on our Facebook page HERE so we know that you are coming or if you don’t have Facebook, shoot us an email at info@escondidojaycees.org. Please invite your friends! We’d love to meet them too!!